B6/B6D Split Laydown (3 gear)

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B6/B6D Split Laydown (3 gear)


JB Carbon RC is making diff rebuilds quick and easy with the NEW B6 Split Laydown transmission case. No more having to disassemble the entire rear end of the buggy to do ball diff maintenance or a gear diff swap. The shocks can be mounted on the front or rear for either shock positions. 

10 Screws and you can get to the diff. That is including taking the shocks and the wings off. 4 screws holding the top piece to the left and right halves. (2 vertical & 2 horizontal) and the 2 screws going into rear sway bar mount. 

*Do Not Over Tighten*Do Not use an electric screw gun (Makita, Ryobi, Hitachi) you don’t want to strip the screws*

*3D printed parts haven't the precision that molded parts have. Some gearboxes work from production, some require a little bit of sanding/shimming.*

*Sold through shapeways* it will ship from america and in USD*